10 Facts About Motorcycle Accidents You Need To Know

Motorcycle accidents can be more shocking and devastating, though it is not necessarily more widespread than other motor vehicle crashes. Nevertheless, motorcycle accidents can also be due to some unique situations.

Some surveys and studies found some statistics and some interesting facts about motorcycle accident cases:


  1. In 2014, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 4,586 people got killed in motorcycle crashes, from 4,692 people in 2013.
  1. In motorcycle accidents, about 2/3 of the crashes are due to the rider’s mistake. The prominent reason is a fall and slide-out because of running wide or over braking on a curve because of under-cornering or excess speed.
  1. Most motorcycle crashes happen during a short trip related with errands, shopping, entertainment, friends, or recreation. And accidents typically happen very shortly right after the start of the travel.
  1. In most vehicular accidents, 2/3 of the collisions are due to the other vehicle which violates the motorcycle’s right-of-way.
  1. Motorcycle riders who got involved in crashes may not have been subject to training. 92% of riders were self-taught or only learned from friends or family members. Experiencing Motorcycle riding training help lessen accidents and can also contribute to reducing injuries.
  1. Crash bars are not efficient to protect a person from getting injuries in the legs because they are there to protect the engine.
  1. The standard motorcycle collision gives the motorcycle rider just less than 2 seconds to fulfill all collision avoidance action.
  1. About ¼ of bike crashes are single vehicle accidents. It involves the motorcycle hitting the roadway or some fixed object in the place.
  1. Road defects such as potholes, or pavement ridges can cause about 2% of all bike accidents, and only 1% animals account of all accidents.
  1. Not more than 10% of motorcyclists involved in collisions had any insurance to replace property or provide medical care.



A lot of individuals enjoy riding motorcycles as an efficient transportation and a freeing form of recreation. There might be a lot of benefits of riding a bike, but it is imperative that motorcyclists should keep safety in mind to make sure there are no more reports of motorcycle accidents.

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10 Facts About Motorcycle Accidents You Need To Know

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