5 Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Accident is never predictable. But when happens, there are many people who get to be involved in the scenario. There could be two parties of vehicle occupants, or in some cases only one, if the car has collided or rolled over against some constructions, the people who gather around, and the police who come for the rescue operation. If fortunately, you are not a victim and badly injured, then here is a list of instructions to help the victims. But if unfortunately, you too are one of them, and in a condition to move, here are some instructions to follow even then.

As suggested by the experts from the Phoenix Mazda, below are the steps to be followed:

Moving Away from the Spot to a Safer Place

When a car accident takes place, the first thing to do is moving away the victims from the spot and placing them in s relatively safer place like the pavement or a shop. Even the cars involved in the accident should get removed from the spot and parked on the sides of the road. The victims should be made sit or lie down, somewhere in the proximity and given water to drink and wash off the affected body parts.

Check for injuries and Call an Ambulance:

Check for injuries of the victims and try to avail a first-aid box and provide them the first level of treatment, if the injuries are severe to handle, call the ambulance and ensure them to reach the nearest medical care center at the earliest.

Gather information and Take some pictures:

Gathering information, on the spot of an accident is extremely necessary. That would let the family members of the victims know about the accident. Starting from the car numbers to the names of the people involved in the accident, the injured and the people and police officers who come for help, one should have the names to get thee total picture of the scenario, which would help in identification of the victims as well as offenders if any.

If possible taking a few snaps of the spot of accident, the area, the cars and people involved in the accident would help the case to be resolved in many ways. This will also come handy while filing for a claim for the insurance.

Contact the On-Road Assistance Service Provider

What the Mazda Phoenix dealer experts suggested is that, in most cases the car manufacturers or the dealers would have offered on-road assistance service during the purchase of the car. If any such service has been signed up, ask them to help you out as a part of their service. If that is not an option, then call the number provided in the highway signboards for the same. Do not hesitate to ask immediate help from them. If the cars have been damaged severely and is not in a movable condition, these services would arrange for a towing service.

Contact Your Insurance Company:

It is time for the insurance company to do their part of job. Contact them and file a claim. This would help to regain the financial loss cause by the accident.

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5 Steps to Take After a Car Accident

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