5 Ways Preventive Maintenance Can Save on Big Repair Expenditure

‘Prevention is better than cure’ the way this proverb gets literally true in the automobile industry, only people associated with it would realize. Both a car owner and people from the manufacturing and repair work would agree on this, that an early and preventive maintenance can save on thousands when it comes to run a vehicle.

To keep your money saved for repairs and emergency requirements in the future, a little bit of money needs to be spent in every regular interval. One should not forget that at times a car can even need a Collision Repair, which would anyway ask a lumpsum amount. To remain prepared for such events, one should start saving from day one.

Here are some useful tips that can free you from bigger expenses.

  1. Build a Good Rapport with the Best Garages and Mechanics Around

Finding a good auto body shop or a repair centre is not an easy task. It doesn’t only involve the car parts, it requires skill, craftsmanship, fast delivery and trust. Auto parts and repair works aren’t cheap, it takes away your money, your time and your convenience by keeping your mode of conveyance at their disposal. Once you find a good job done at a place, stick to them and build up a good rapport so that your next visits come out equally successful.

  1. Learn How to Fix a Few Things Yourself

Taking the DIY approach, you can be assured that some repairs do not really need a professional help, as you can do them yourself even if you doubt your abilities. It can include the basics like checking the car fluids, replacing the oil, the fuel and the air filters and pumping up the tyre pressure or placing the step-me tyre. Do not worry, if you’ve never done it before, watch a few DIY videos on YouTube and get your hands dirty for the first time.

  1. Educate Yourself

If things go beyond your DIY capabilities and a professional help becomes unavoidable, do not step in to a shop with that innocent face. Do some research work on the internet or from your friends and relatives about the kind of problems your car is facing. Get an overall knowledge about the estimated charges it can accumulate and then fix up the appointment.

  1. Do not postpone an emergency maintenance

Many of the parts of the vehicle are interrelated. Ignoring or postponing a serious maintenance issue can aggravate the trouble. If your car is under the warranty period, a timely visit to the Auto Body Shop  can save the validity of your warranty.

  1. Keep a Regular Check on These Parts

Check these Major Systems and Components regularly

  1. a) Engine, Brakes, Steering, Transmission, Heating and Cooling, Lighting, Starting and Charging
  2. b) Under-the-Hood Items like Battery, Water Pump, Air Filter, Radiator, Belts and Hoses
  3. c) Fluids like Engine Oil, Transmission, Power Steering, Brake, Coolant, Windshield Washer
  4. d) Under-the-Vehicle Items like Brake and Fuel Lines, Shocks and Struts, Exhaust System and Driveline
  5. e) Tyres: Wear Patterns, Inflation Pressure, Tread Depth and Overall Condition

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5 Ways Preventive Maintenance Can Save on Big Repair Expenditure

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