6 DIY car maintenance Tips


Your car can be considered a major investment and should be treated accordingly, there are some unavoidable costs that come with the car, but there are also some costs that can be avoided. This post is aimed at new car owners that feel they must take their car in to the garage and spend more money that they must for fixes that can be easily done at home. This is not to say that you should stop taking your car to the mechanic for regular servicing, it just means that you should be sure that you cannot fix the problem before you take it in.

  1. Air Filters – Your air filters are an important feature of your car, if not properly taken care of it can affect the performance of your car. The purpose of your air filters is to prevent abrasive particulate matter for entering the engine’s cylinders, if not functioning properly, you run the risk of contaminating the oil and causing mechanical wear. Changing your air filters is one of the easiest DIY car repairs in this post, if unsure how often to change them you should look at your owner’s manual for the recommended frequency.
  1. Spark plugs – A simply spark plug fit will save you money and time in the future, it can give your car better fuel consumption and drive smoother. Spark plugs are cheap and easy to repair but you need to remember to find the spark plugs with the exact specification for your car.
  1. Headlight bulbs – Functioning headlight is a legal requirement and can cost you money, time and points on your license if found not to be in perfect working condition. Check all headlights regularly for burnt bulbs, you should make sure that you are getting the correct bulb for your car and you can save money by fitting it yourself.
  1. Brake pads – You should always keep your brake pads in prime condition to avoid accident and injury, your brake pads are a key component of your car’s braking system and should be maintained as such. It can be complicated to change your brake pads, but it is doable, you should check your owner’s manual before attempting to change them.
  1. Tyres – Your tyres are probably the most important aspect of your car. Not only is it the only part of your vehicle in constant contact with the ground, it also influences the power steering which can cause the car to lose control if not maintained properly. If you need to replace your tyres you can check online for competitive tyre deals. It is worth remembering to check your spare tyres, valves, tyre pressure and more while checking the others.
  1. Tyre Rotation – Rotating your tyres is an important habit, it helps extend the lifespan of your tyres. It promotes even wear and tear on all four tyres. You should remember this simple formula if you want to attempt rotation yourself; Move the front tyres to the rear tyres on the same side and more the rear tyres to the front and switch sides.

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6 DIY car maintenance Tips

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