Acquiring A Car; The New Vs Used Dilemma.

Owning a car is one of the things that bring joy to individuals. This is because with a car, individuals can easily go on their errands with ease. Travelling with family and friends is also easy and this makes for fun times for those involved. A car also builds the owner’s equity and they can use them to increase their chances of getting a loan. The car acquisition process, however, is not an easy one and it starts with deciding whether to buy a new car or to get a used one. A brand new car is beneficial in its own ways just as is a used one and this piece tries to explore the issues further so to help individuals with this dilemma.

Brand new cars.

Brand new cars come with a distinct smell and feel that some people can’t get enough of. The interiors are soft and sexy while the exterior is without blemish. Brand new cars have also not been driven before and their owners get to do that for the first time. They come with an active warranty that cushions the owners from the cost of repairs and car damage. Those who own such cars also get to use the cars when they are at their best performance-wise and as such, they are able to move about quickly and without any hitches. New car models also feature the latest navigation and entertainment technologies and this makes it easy for people to find their way to unknown destinations.

For all these features, individuals have to pay huge fees since brand new cars don’t come cheap. Individuals pay for that exotic car smell as well as the unblemished exterior and low mileage. You would think that the car’s value would remain high for long but that is not true. A new car loses about 20% of its value the moment it is driven off the dealership and individuals would not be able to recoup the full amount of the car even when the sale it just a day later.

Used cars.

From the moment a car is driven off the dealership it is no longer consider new. It becomes a used car and its price reduces significantly. Used cars in Fort Payne AL are, therefore, cheaper and individuals looking for a good deal should definitely consider them over new ones. Since the used cars are cheaper, individuals may end up acquiring pricey and statement models at a good fee. Used cars, however, may come with all sorts of dents and damaged interiors as a result of wear and tear. Most usually don’t have a warranty and individuals will have to shoulder repair and maintenances cost.


New cars are all the rage because of their sleek designs and flawless interiors but individuals looking to make savings on their car purchases should, first of all, consider used ones. Used cars are cheaper and with the right search criteria, individuals may find great cars at a good rate.


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Acquiring A Car; The New Vs Used Dilemma.

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