Are Your Driving Skills Passing the Test?

No matter how many years you have had your license, the odds are you will be in an accident one day down the road.

While some accidents may happen, other ones are avoidable with some commonsense.

With that being the case, are you doing everything within your power to steer clear of a traffic accident? If not, what should you be doing to lower the odds of you ending up stuck in one?

How Skilled Are You at Avoiding an Accident?

To have better driving skills now and for years to come, reassess what you do each time you get behind the wheel.

To start, are you confident and secure when driving or unconfident and a bit hap-hazard? If the latter, this needs to change moving forward.

Whether you are a new driver or one who has had a license for years, don’t take your actions behind the wheel for granted.

Among some of the common practices you should focus on:

  • Respecting the roads – Sure, you might have an urge to speed at times or even drive a little reckless. Keep in mind that doing one or both puts you and other drivers and passengers at risk. Do your absolute best to stick to the rules of the road each time out.
  • Respecting other drivers – It can be easy too to get testy at times with other drivers. The only thing that often leads to is an increased chance of an accident. If someone is bothering you while out on the road, do your best to ignore their actions. If it gets too serious, find a safe spot on the road to pull off to. Once you’ve done that, report the aggressive driver if you were able to capture their license plate.
  • Avoid distractions – Whether your phone or trying to apply makeup while driving, don’t do it. Instead of always running late, get dressed in the manner you want to a few minutes earlier in the day. That way, you are not trying to put on makeup or get a clean shave when zooming down the road. Also make it a point to not answer your cell phone while driving. Those calls or text messages can always wait until you are in a safe place off the road.
  • Vehicle breakdowns – In the event your vehicle breaks down on the road, do your best to get to a safe location. It is not always easy to pull off the road when your vehicle is not cooperating. That said a breakdown in the middle of the road can lead to you getting rear-ended etc.
  • Alcohol and driving do not mix – Last, despite how tempting it may be at times to drink and drive, never do it. All you are asking for when doing so is trouble. Save the drinking urges for when you are at home or someone else will have the keys in their hands.

Refresh Your Driving Techniques

It is also not a bad idea to refresh your driving techniques over time.

Take a refresher course or two on your state’s updated driving laws. As you get into your senior years, it never hurts to refresh your skills behind the wheel too.

For some elderly drivers, their skills will erode over time. As a result, reaction time can diminish. When this happens, it puts them and others at risk.

By doing all you can to keep your skills passing the test, you reduce the odds of being the next accident statistic.

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Are Your Driving Skills Passing the Test?

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