Enhancing GSE Fleet Management from an Organizational Standpoint

Summary: A critical concern that’s plagued the aviation industry for years is underestimating the value of GSE and the productivity that it can bring to a company.

With ground support equipment, we at Start Pac believe that fleet management practices are continuing to evolve and change as the years pass by. Various maintenance practices, vehicle technologies, and acquisition options have shaped the way companies tend to see GSE within their fleets.

The Evolution of GSE Importance

In a way, our aviation industry is becoming much smarter. Traditionally, GSE would just be placed out there with a lack of attention being paid to it. Now, ground support equipment like portable power pack modules and ground power units are being seen as a valuable asset to ensure that the ground handling operations run at a more efficient level. Because the industry has changed to drastically over the years, it’s crucial to watch every portion of your operation from a cost management standpoint. These little things tend to make a huge difference in the long run.

Building a Fleet and When to Purchase Equipment Over Leasing

Making the best decisions regarding equipment acquisition, service providers must consider the length of their contract with a customer as well as consider the size of what they are operating at. If the terms are set for a lengthier period of time, purchasing equipment may be more cost-friendly than leasing – and vice versa.

Additionally, if a ground handler is a nationwide provider, then they might consider purchasing due to the fact that they can move around the equipment as they please if one contract goes under – it can easily be redeployed to another. Shorter contracts or limited capital may push ground handlers to opt for a lease instead. Whatever the case may be, it’s entirely up to your financial situation to determine whether or not it’s beneficial for your organization to purchase or lease.

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Enhancing GSE Fleet Management from an Organizational Standpoint

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