Important Points To Determine Whether To Buy A New Car Or A Used Car

The plaguing question faced by every person planning to buy a car is, whether to opt for a new car or go for a used one. There are pros and cons associated with each option. Budget plays an important role in the decision making process. While new cars are always high priced, you can get a used car at a fraction. Whatever option you choose for your buying, it is always better to make your purchase from a trusted and reputed New & Used Car Dealer of your city.

Let us compare the points that will help you take the decision of investing in a new car VS buying an old car.

  1. Price – price is an important parameter in the decision making process. The new cars are priced at higher prices, depending on the brand and model of your choice. They are evenly priced all around the country. The price of used cars differs from one dealer to another.  While you may get the car of your dreams at a lower price when compared to the new one, the price of a used car is not uniform. It depends on the wear and tear, model of the car and the year of manufacturing, the expectation of the seller, the general condition of the car and many more factors.
  2. Condition of the car – Investing in a new car always guarantees you get a freshly minted car with all the latest features and technology. The condition of a used car cannot be determined exactly. You will never get to know about the problems or shortcomings of the vehicle, if the seller chooses to not to disclose them. Once you make the purchase, the onus of getting all the repairs in on you, which will result in a lot of unwanted expenditure. You may also be conned into buying a vehicle with major repairs by making it appear like new through cosmetic changes. A better idea to avoid getting conned and still buy used cars is to visit, they have a huge collection of used cars which are properly checked and maintained. The company also offers regular maintenance services and stocks genuine spares and accessories.
  3. Guarantee – New cars are available with manufacturer’s warranties and guarantees. The buyers are protected from the manufacturing defects and minor problems through these warranties. They can also opt to get extended guarantees at the time of purchase. But a used car does not have any warranties. Buy from trusted dealers of used cars who provide warranty on the cars. This will ensure you peace of mind that any minor problems will be taken care of by the dealer.

Whatever may be your decision regarding buying new car or a used one, always choose a trusted and reputed dealer in your city. They provide good customer service and the trained sales personnel will be able to advise you on the features of various car models. Another advantage of opting for reputed dealers is they provide in house financing options at attractive interest rates to their customers.

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Important Points To Determine Whether To Buy A New Car Or A Used Car

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