Questions To Ask Your Driving Instructor Before Enrolling For Driving Lessons

Driving is an important skill that every person needs to have. Being able to drive yourself gives you the freedom to create and follow your own schedule and the skill could sometimes be used to generate income or support income generating activities.

The essence of driving is safety, and for this reason, acquiring quality driver training is of paramount importance to ensure you do not put your life and that of other people at risk when you get behind the wheel. It’s, therefore, important that you choose a driving instructor who is competent enough to teach you to drive effectively.

With numerous options available when it comes to driver training, it can be difficult to choose a good driving instructor. Choosing the wrong driving instructor will not only reduce your chances of passing your driving licence test but could also put you in danger while on the road.

To help you make the right decision when choosing a driving instructor, we’ve put together 5 important questions that should ask to help you choose the best instructor to teach you how to drive:

  1. How long have you been a driving instructor? This question is important because it helps you find out how much teaching experience the driving instructor has. It will take a driving instructor about 2 years to become well established with their training technique and to build confidence in their capability to match their teaching techniques with the needs of each unique student. This is not to say that a less experienced driving instructor is bad at their job, but it does require a couple of years’ experience to master the skill.
  1. Which methods do you use to teach? You need to ask this question to ensure the instructor’s teaching methods match your learning needs. If they don’t, then the lessons will not achieve their purpose – which is to make you a competent driver. If you find their technique does not meet your needs, let them know how you prefer to learn and find out whether they can make adjustments to their technique to cater for your learning needs. Having a trainer that uses teaching techniques that suit you will make the learning process a lot quicker and more effective.
  1. Will you be the only instructor for all my lessons? There needs to be consistency for effective driver training. Ideally, you should have the same instructor teaching you in all of your lessons. An instructor who has continuously trained you for several lessons will be in a better position to understand your capabilities and judge how far you have progressed. Changing the instructor midway may disrupt the learning process as the new trainer will need to evaluate your progress and orient their techniques to your needs before lessons can get back up to speed.
  1. What’s your pass rate? No driving instructor has a 100% student pass rate, so don’t expect to find one. This question is really meant to find out whether the instructor can recall their pass rate as this would indicate they actually care about how well they do their job and whether their students succeed in the driving test of not. A driving instructor who cares to track this figure is a person you’d want training you – the pass rate has to be decent too, of course.
  1. What’s the cost of your lessons?As with anything else you have to pay for, price matters. Quality driving lessons are not cheap, but the price should not be absurd either. Driving lesson prices will differ from one area to another, so make sure to shop around to get a general idea of what people are charging before you make your decision.

Driver training is not just about preparing you to pass your driving test; it’s about ensuring that you are a competent driver capable of ensuring both your safety and that of other road users when you’re behind the wheel. Choosing the right driving instructor ensures you receive quality training to make you a safe driver.

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Questions To Ask Your Driving Instructor Before Enrolling For Driving Lessons

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