Save Money With These Car Leasing Tips

For most people car leasing is more prudent over buying a new car. The monthly installments they pay are less, the down payment is minimal compared to buying a new car, the car is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and last but not the least you get to drive a new car of your choice. It is important for you to ensure you drive out with a good deal as there are no free rides when it comes to car leasing agreements. You should ensure you negotiate well and get the best deals for your needs.


Expert advice on car leasing

Omari Betts is a sales and leasing consultant with ChevyChaseAcura in the USA and says you should be informed when it comes to money saving tips with your car leasing deals. It is important for you to negotiate well with the purchase price of the car as if you are going to buy the car. You should only go in for car leasing when you get a firm price for the car. Always remember that car leasing is also a form of car purchase.

The Importance of negotiations

You ave the chance and the option to negotiate on the mileage limit, the down payment of the vehicle, the purchase option price and more. The process is similar to a loan. The more you put in as down payment the less your finance shall be. You can negotiate on the lease money factor – this is the number that is used by lessors to fix the interest of the monthly payment you should pay for the car lease he says.

Do you need Gap Auto Protection in car leasing?

You should opt for Gap Auto Protection unless it is included in the car lease you take- this is for protection of your vehicle in case of theft or accident. In order to keep your monthly payments as low as possible, you should look for vehicles that do not depreciate faster than average. He also says that you should be sure on the terms and the conditions that prevail when you return the lease- like the car should be returned with new tires or any condition that might be mentioned in the agreement. Every term in the agreement should be clear to you. In case, you have doubts it is prudent for you to speak to a professional who is well versed in the field of car leasing says Mr. Betts.

Last but not the least, Omari Betts says that you should always avoid a car lease that extends beyond the factory warranty of the car. He says that it is this protection that is one of the key appeals of the vehicle. He says that if you wish to buy the car after the period of your lease ends, ensure the car is worth the purchase price. Leasing is not for every person but it is important for you to be aware of the terms and conditions of the car lease when you decide to go in for it.

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Save Money With These Car Leasing Tips

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