Some Mistakes That You Should Avoid Making During a Lawsuit

These days, cases of car crash are on rise due to rash driving mostly by youngsters. By any chance, if you have got stuck in some car crash, don’t panic. Following section will brief you some things that you should avoid making during a lawsuit.

What Not to Do During a Lawsuit?


It’s important that you don’t falsely admit any statement. Incorrect statements can cause you problems at later stage. For instance, providing false information on insurance application forms can be used by opposing party’s lawyer for making your personal injury claim as null and void. Hence, make sure that you don’t make any such statement that can cost you a lot.

Mishandling Important Evidences

Evidences including documents are highly crucial for a lawsuit and must be handled carefully. Make sure that you don’t throw any crucial evidences such as prescriptions, braces, casts, pill bottles etc. These all are evidences proving your personal injury during the accident/crash and must be therefore preserved.


It’s important that during a personal injury case, you keep in mind that at-fault driver’s and your insurance company will hire investigators for conducting surveillance. They might even hire people for taking your videos and photos at some later stage of the lawsuit. Hence, if there’s any mistake that you have committed, it’s better to admit it. This is important because if you deny about doing something and later on are caught in a surveillance video or photo, things can turn against you.

Don’t Disclose the Details to Everyone

During various stages of your lawsuit, some defense lawyers, jurors and insurance adjusters might try contacting you. In such cases, it’s advisable not to disclose any details related to your case with insurance company or with at-fault driver. They can use such statements/facts against you further during the case. In case, at-fault driver’s insurance company wants some information, ask him/her to contact your car accident attorney.

Switching Jobs

Anything and everything that you do during and after your car crash, has direct bearing on your lawsuit. Be it change in your job position, changing your work location or changing your residence, everything should firstly be discussed with a car accident attorney and then an action should be taken accordingly. Your attorney will help and guide you if switching job or your location will have any bearing on your lawsuit. There are various professional attorneys whom you can consult about this. In case you’re looking for an experienced car accident attorney, contact Khan Injury Law.

Posting Things on Social Media

Defense attorneys and insurance adjusters will investigate your social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. In such cases, it’s important that you’re quite careful while sharing or posting important details. The idea of investigation here is to prove that you actually aren’t as injured as you claim. Hence, if you’re caught posting any new pictures or videos, there can be problem later on.

To conclude, make sure that you go as per above-mentioned guide and don’t make any faults that stand against you in lawsuit.


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Some Mistakes That You Should Avoid Making During a Lawsuit

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