The Different Types of OBD Scanners

You have probably at one time taken your car to a workshop and your mechanic told you that the vehicle needed an expensive repair and you did not believe him. It is normal to have some doubts but things do not have to always be like that. There is an easy way to confirm if he is telling the truth by using an OBD diagnostic. Not only is it cost saving, but also it helps you get quick troubleshooting results on your car.

It works by interacting with your vehicle’s internal computer and once it is combined with live data, it can identify any car issues using the vehicle’s trouble codes. All you need to do is get the right diagnostic device, based on your vehicle make and model, check connectivity and you are good to go. You should always have the tool wherever you go in your car for maximum assurance and peace of mind when driving and what’s better? As long as you are not completely hopeless in matters concerning the computer, the whole process will be easy for you. Let’s have a look at some of the different types of an OBD diagnostic to help you decide which one will be best for you and narrow down your search process making the whole shopping process easy for you.

The simple handheld scanner

This is a basic OBD diagnostic tool. It is the best option for any individual who is working under a tight budget and needs a low cost scanning tool. it is effective when it comes to reading engine codes. Also, it is easy to use and navigate and you can use it to troubleshoot your car’s problems or verify your mechanic’ work. These standard scanners work with numerous car models but it is no secret but they have compatibility issues. You, therefore, want to ensure that you confirm your vehicle’s compatibility before getting one. It is the best for starters.

The high-end handheld scanner

This is an excellent scanner for professionals. It not only reads the error code but provides the mechanic with the necessary steps to get to the source of the problem. It can help the user to locate the exact root of the issues which is a great way of saving money and time instead of going through the trouble of replacing different parts before getting to the main problem. What’s more? The scanning tool has an internal storage memory allowing the user to print results for interpretation. It is much expensive than the standard one for starters but totally worth it.

The smart scanner device for experts

These are mostly app-based and you do not have to carry it with you. You can just install the app on your phone. it is cost effective but requires extended expertise to use and read.

Having a car diagnostic tool is the best decision that any car owner could make. However, it is recommendable that you take your time and do a comprehensive research before getting one to ensure that you get the best and the one that is most suitable for your vehicle and needs. if you are a beginner, it would be better to start with the basic before upgrading to the pro and expert scanners. Good luck!

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The Different Types of OBD Scanners

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