Virginia Accident Guide – What to Do After a Car Crash

In a report done by Virginia Highway Safety Office, it has been found that in a single year, there are 37,003 injuries and 321 fatalities caused by car accidents. Most of these car crashes happen in the daytime without any bad weather conditions. It’s safe to assume that one of the main causes of car accidents in Virginia is the recklessness of the driver.

For every car accident caused by driver recklessness, there are victims. If you find yourself in a car wreck in Virginia because the other party has been careless, you can approach a Norfolk car accident lawyer and file a case to help get your life back on track. However, before you can make a successful personal injury claim, there are some things you should do right after the accident.

Stop Right Away

The Virginia law states that in the case of accidents involving injury, damage, or death, all involved parties should immediately stop. If you fail to comply with this law, you will be committing a class 5 felony and will be charged with it. Since you can’t disrupt the traffic if you’re on a highway, you should try and move your vehicle towards the side of the road. However, if the road is not busy, you can leave your car in its original position.

Attend to the injured

If you see that someone has been injured due to the accident, call for medical help immediately. Do not move the patient unless the car is on fire. You should avoid inflicting more injury to the injured. Wait for a medical professional to come. Have yourself checked as well. Even when you don’t have any visible physical injuries, you might have acquired an internal injury. Don’t make a self-diagnosis especially if you have no medical experience.

Contact the police

It is your duty to report the incident to the Virginia State Police or Virginia Beach Police Department within 24 hours. The police will make the necessary crash report. They will send this report to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) if the wreck involves damages that amount to more than 1,500 usd, death, or serious injuries. The police will ask your driving information. The best thing to do is to cooperate with the officials.

Collect information

After you’ve taken care of the passengers’ medical needs, you need to collect evidence and information that you can use in filing your case. Take pictures of the cars and the people involved. Note down the contact information of the other driver and possible witnesses. The most important information that you should get includes the driver’s name, license number, registration number, insurance policy number, and address.


If you don’t act right after a car wreck, you might lose your case. Then, you will not get any compensation for the injuries and damages that you’ve gotten. It’s important always to be keen. After you’ve attended to the injured, cooperated with the police, and collected necessary information about the incident, contact your lawyer. Then, you can discuss what you should do next.

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Virginia Accident Guide – What to Do After a Car Crash

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