Marking of company vehicles: why not you?

Exploration, promotion or valorization tool: the marking of vehicles have many advantages. But to choose the most appropriate technique and support, it is necessary to proceed, upstream, to a reflection on the objectives of this dressing. Do you want to make yourself known? Are you launching an advertising campaign to promote a new offer? Do you seek to enhance your image and convey your values? 

At each stake solution! Overview of the advantages of automotive marking and the main processes at your disposal recommended by Vehicle Graphics Newport.

Why mark your company vehicles?

Covered with your company’s logo, a new offer that you are launching on the market or a strong message: the vehicles in circulation or parked of your collaborators constitute an unparalleled visual communication medium.

Publicize the activity of your company

Ideal for SMEs and small businesses, the marking of company vehicles promotes word of mouth. By putting the name, activity and contact information of your company (phone, mailing address, website, email contact, etc.) on your commercial vehicles, your trucks or your commercial cars in circulation, you multiply the chances of you to make known.

Highlight your offers and services

Are you launching a new product or service? The marking of the vehicles can represent a true means of promotion for this event. Indeed, by capitalizing on ephemeral adhesive media, which allow a quick installation and removal, you benefit from a mobile communication support to accompany the launch of your new offers!

Valuing your company’s commitments

Vehicle marking can be a good way to convey the values ​​of your business. Pure or whimsical graphic design, discreet marking or full vehicle wrapping: the marking adapts to your targets and allows you to transmit the values ​​around which you want to federate them. Be careful however: this process requires a real upstream reflection to avoid oddities. Attract the eye in all discretion so as not to harm the professionalism of your brand.

Protect the bodywork of your vehicles

Beyond the prospecting tool, the marking of vehicles in your fleet also improves the condition. Indeed, the adhesives used to dress your vehicles are designed to protect them from messy projections but also UV aggressions. At the time of the return of the vehicle to your renter or resale, the body of the car will have kept its original appearance.

Which marking technique to favor?

Depending on the objectives your company has set itself in terms of prospecting, promotion or valorization, different marking principles are at your disposal. From simple lettering to total or partial vehicle wrapping: here is a panorama of the most common practices. 

The main vehicle wraps.

Three types of marking are particularly popular with companies.

  • Lettering: address, logo, name of your company, and address of your website. The lettering allows a discreet marking focusing on the essential. This technique is perfectly suited to companies wishing to make themselves known.
  • The semi-covering: boot, hood, door or windows … the semi-covering consists of covering only part of your vehicle with the lettering, the image (logo, flash code) or the message of your choice.
  • The total covering: particularly suitable for brands that no longer need to be recognized, this technique consists of dressing the entire vehicle with a single adhesive. An ideal technique to get noticed during marketing or promotional campaigns!
  • the privileged dressing technique,
  • The life of the film.

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Marking of company vehicles: why not you?

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