4 Simple DIY Maintenance for your Harley-Davidson

Owning a bike is vastly different from owning a car. Since a bike is much smaller and intricately assembled, performing DIY maintenances can be a daunting task. As opposed to DIY car maintenance, which is pretty simple and requires only basic garage tools. However, bike owners will agree that one of the best part of riding a Harley-Davidson is performing their own maintenance. It goes without saying that bike maintenance is comparatively more expensive than other vehicle maintenance. If you have your Harley-Davidson owner’s manual and respective tools as described in the manual, then you are good to go. You can also download online motorbike manuals from http://www.manualload.com/d.php/2d/43031374. Here are 5 simple Harley-Davidson maintenances that you can DIY.

Changing Oil

You need to change oil in your motorbike every 2500 or 4000 miles as describes in the owner’s manual. In order to change the oil, run your bike for at least 10 minutes to warn up the engine. Place a drain pan right below the location of the drain plug. Pull out the drain plug and tilt your bike in order to allow the oil to drain into the pan. Use universal pliers to unscrew the oil filters. Before filling in new oil, make sure to clean your bike as well as install new oil filters because dirt and debris can quickly affect the quality of the oil.

Tire Pressure

This is a pretty easy task even for new owner. All you need is a pressure gauge and compressed air. Open the air valve cap which is usually located at the inner wall of the tires. Place the pressure gauge into it to check the exact pressure in the tires, if it is less than what is stated in the owner’s manual, you need to refill it. Use an air compressor, which is available at maintenance shops to add tire pressure. You should hear a hissing sound when you remove the pressure.

Lubricating the Chain

Cleaning and lubricating the chain is an important part of motorbike maintenance. You can use mild soap or non-acidic commercial cleaners as well as soft-bristled brush to remove the grease and dirt from the chain. After thoroughly cleaning it, you need to lubricate it. According to most owner’s manual, bike chain needs to be lubricated every 300 miles. Apply lubrication to the lower part of the chain at the back wheel. Slowly spin the wheel back and forth to reach the nooks and crannies of the chain.

Battery Maintenance

Motorbike batteries only require basic maintenance and monthly recharge. Check your battery for accumulated dirt, grime and even rust. Make sure to clean it with regular commercial cleaner every month or so. Also, check the electrolyte levels in the battery, if it is less than what’s mentioned in the owner’s manual, you need to recharge it. Place the battery on a non-conductive surface otherwise it will slowly loose its charges. Connect the terminals of charger with respective terminals on battery and let it recharge until it reaches the required electrolyte level.

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4 Simple DIY Maintenance for your Harley-Davidson

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